About Put into Words

Who we are

Put into Words is a Montreal-based company specializing in French-to-English translation and editing for both print and Web content. Since 1997, we have been serving various Quebec, Canadian and international businesses in diverse industries.

What we do

Our services include localizing and adapting translated texts; stylistic, structural and copy editing, and proofreading; Web content, SEO, marketing and technical writing. We also offer transcription in Quebec’s both official languages.

For whom we do it

Our clients include businesses and organizations in the following industries: IT, marketing, hotel management, insurance, communications, education, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, travel, tourism, real estate, construction, textiles, cosmetics and more.

How we do it

Every business has a work process and at Put into Words, everything goes through a rigorous process of multiple checks often involving a third party, ensuring results that are error-free and to our customers’ satisfaction. We have different processes for each of our services; consult the Services page for details about each.

Why we do it

We love seeing businesses thrive, especially with our creative input! Well-written, edited and translated content increases your customer base, sales and ROI. As such, our mission is to:

  • translate materials efficiently and on time, adapting and localizing text as necessary to effectively communicate your company’s message. Revision is done twice; once by a third party
  • improve already-existing material by editing or rewriting, implementing SEO and finally proofreading
  • suggest improvements to the original or source text, formatting and design for content that stands out

We believe in the four Cs: clarityconcisenesscreativity and constant communication with clients. (We also love alliterations!)

About our president

Put into Words president Tara Salman has been a language buff from a young age, having grown up in a multilingual family and high school which included English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish. In college and university, Tara pursued her studies in the language she was most in love with: Russian. She graduated McGill University with a BA in History, minoring in Russian and Slavic Studies. Tara also holds a graduate diploma in French to English translation from Concordia University in Montreal. She has also taken many language courses in Spanish, German and Italian, and has travelled extensively in Europe and North America.