Translation-adaptation (French to English)

$0.20 per word / $45 per hour

French to English translationStraight or direct French to English translation is a more literal translation of the source text, almost word for word, focusing on the correct terminology and phraseology, with minimal changes to syntax and style in the target text. This type of translation is ideal for less creative, more technical and repetitive texts in a wide variety of fields including law, medicine, engineering, science and finance. It is also ideal for machine translation, especially longer texts of more than several thousand words.
French to English Adaptation is a more creative form of translation with more changes to the target text in syntax, style, vocabulary and expressions. It is much less literal and word-for-word, but more about conveying the meaning in the target text. Movie titles French and English are a good example. This type of translation is more suitable for literature, advertising, marketing (including SEO), films (subtitling), social sciences, humanities, fine arts, academia, and anything of a general nature. However, it’s not generally suitable for machine translation, especially shorter texts of several hundred words.

Localization is a form of adapting text to the language of a specific country, for example: British, Canadian or American English. Localization is more than just spelling – it is also adapting vocabulary, expressions and idioms to target a specific market.